Joint letter to CEN on closing of TSI Open Points

Paper prepared by the Group of Representative Bodies

This paper has been prepared by the Group of Representative Bodies (GRB) as a contribution to the work programme of CEN_CENELEC’s Sector Forum Rail (known to the rail community as the Joint Programming Committee – Rail (JPCR)) in order to influence the future work programme of CEN_CENELEC and align it with the business needs of the sector.

The rail sector has a number of business priorities reflecting the business activity of the various stakeholders. Despite these varying priorities, the one objective that is shared by all is the desire to build the Future European Rail System.
It is imperative that the rail system is designed, constructed, operated and maintained with a constant perspective of wholeness.
Standardisation and the production, publication and maintenance of ENs is a key component of this system approach therefore it is essential that CEN_CENELEC’s work programme reflects these sector objectives.

The Approach
The focal point of this paper is centred on the recent review of the open points that exist in the TSIs and how the rail community believes these could be closed. Some of those proposals rely on research and innovation which could also lead to future standards.
Whilst some suggest that existing standards need to be updated, others recommend the preparation of new standards.
This paper focuses on the two latter proposals.