UIP RSRD² project for better exchange of information

One of the most important requirements of the ECM certification in order to ensure safe operation of the European freight railway is the exchange of information/data between the actors, i.e. RU and ECM/keeper.

A freight wagon is mainly operated all over Europe, by many different RUs, sometimes across borders. We can easily understand how difficult it is to fulfill this requirement in such a business framework.

In parallel with the drafting of the ECM certification by ERA, UIP is developing a Rolling Stock reference Database (RSRD²) in order to respond to the TAF TSI requirements (Telematic Application Freight). This RSRD² is planned to provide technical information to the RUs, including maintenance information and should allow RUs to provide information to the keepers and ECMs. The RSRD² comply with the GCU requirements as well.

That is the reason why this RSRD² will be able to be used by the ECMs and RUs in order to fulfill the ECM requirements and the RUs obligation to provide operational information.