Title Modified Date
Ljubljana Declaration on MFF Transport Campaign 17 May 2018
Joint position paper on the revision of the CT directive 25 April 2018
UIP guidelines on CEF calls for noise reduction 09 June 2016
Activity: Digital Railways 24 September 2018
Joint Statement on the Fourth Railway Package Technical Pillar 13 May 2016
Joint Statement on wagonload traffic 02 March 2016
Joint Statement on the risks of shifting CEF money to EFSI 02 March 2016
Rail Freight industry associations ask for legislation governing transport by more than one mode 02 March 2016
UIP debates Increasing Efficiency in Rail Freight 02 March 2016
Joint Statement on Weights and Dimensions directive 02 March 2016
4th Railway Package’s Technical Pillar: a top priority for the railway sector 02 March 2016
Comparative study on road and rail safety in freight transport: Safety levels for rail freight are substantially higher 02 March 2016
4th Railway Package - Rail sector concerned about Council approach 02 March 2016
4th Railway Package – Rail sector needs Technical Pillar 02 March 2016
UIP welcomes the DG MOVE Initiative “Effective reduction of noise generated by rail freight wagons in the European Union" 02 March 2016
UIP promotes a better sharing of information among rail actors 17 May 2016
Rail sector publishes high level vision 02 March 2016
4th Railway Package - UIP welcomes the publication of the package 02 March 2016
Rail sector welcomes new report on vehicle authorisation 02 March 2016
UIP reports on significant cost increase 02 March 2016