Founded in 1950, the UIP – International Union of Wagon Keepers, with its seat in Brussels, is the umbrella association of national associations from fourteen European countries, thus representing more than 250 keepers with approximately 180.000 freight wagons, performing 50 % of the rail freight tonne-Kilometres throughout Europe.

The UIP represents the members’ concerns at international level.

By means of research, lobbying and focused cooperation with all stakeholders and organisations interested in rail freight transportation, the UIP wants to secure on the long term the future of rail freight transport.

25/06/2015 Press release: appointment of Dr. Heiko Fischer as new UIP president
On June 02, 2015, Dr. Heiko Fischer, CEO of VTG Aktiengesellschaft, was elected as the new President of the UIP. He succeeds Dr. Eckart Lehmann, who held the presidency during the last four years. 
29/05/2015 UIP Annual Report 2014

Between renewal and continuity

Our Annual Report provides you with details on the many activities our staff and all involved representatives delivered in 2014. We wish you a pleasant reading  and look forward to sharing new horizons in 2015.

11/03/2015 Press release on European Fund for Strategic Investment
The UIP and other Transport Associations presented jointly a press release responding to the newly proposed EC Regulation on the EFSI which was submitted to the European Council on January 14, 2015. 
04/12/2014 Press release: Directive 92/106 should be the legislation governing transport by more than one mode
The industry associations of intermodal and combined transport, as well as inland navigation and railways continue to endorse the modal-shift targets of the 2011 EU Transport White Paper. 
23/07/2014 UIP Report: Costs Assessment - ECM Certification 445/2011

Economic Assessment of ECM Certification: A Report by UIP Topical Committee Economic Evaluation

13/06/2014 UIP Symposium on Increasing efficiency in rail freight

The Symposium offered an open discussion on the weaknesses in rail freight transportation and the need for political and financial support at Member State and EU levels to promote and provide incentives to achieve quick-wins for rail freight. The key messages carried through the discussions are summarised below.

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06/06/2014 UIP Annual Report 2013

Supporting the efforts towards a Single European Railway Area

The Annual Report describes the activities of UIP and contains information on the work of the Topical Committees during 2013.

30/05/2014 UIP Position Paper on the provision of Vehicle Performance Data

UIP regularly points out the high importance of vehicle performance data for Wagon Keepers and ECMs around Europe.

It has previously formalised its general demand on vehicle performance data in its Position Paper on a European Strategy for an Efficient Exchange of Rolling Stock Data in Rail Freight (July 2013).

29/01/2014 Commont statement: road legislation harms intermodality

Road Legislation Proposal harms Intermodality European transport associations in the road-rail, rail and inland waterway sector are increasingly worried about the upcoming vote in the European Parliament on the amendment of Directive 96/53 on the weights and dimensions of road vehicles, as well as the commencement of the proposal's deliberation in the European Council.

03/12/2013 Press release: 4th Railway Package - stress the importance and urgency for reaching a sound agreement at the European Parliament

The European railway sector needs the Technical Pillar urgently in order to remain competitive as a sustainable transport mode and as an industry in and for Europe.

The Technical Pillar is a fundamental milestone for the establishment of the Single European Railway Area.

31/10/2013 Press realease: Comparative study on road and rail safety in freight transport:

Comparative study on road and rail safety in freight transport: Safety levels for rail freight are substantially higher.

30/09/2013 Pres release: 4th Railway Package - rail sector call for ERA as system authority


The Rail Sector asks the Council to build on what has been achieved so far and call for a European Railway Agency (ERA) that will act in future as the EU’s single railway authority and as one-stop-shop. Furthermore, in order to perform these new tasks the Agency shall be equipped with competent, highly skilled and sufficient staff.

11/07/2013 UIP Position Paper on a European Strategy for an Efficient Exchange of Rolling Stock Data in Rail Freight

In the frame of the discussions on the 4th Railway Package,the definition of an efficient system for data exchange between the actors and the development of the best scenario for the registers is crucial.

UIP sees this as an opportune time to make public its views and recommendations on “how operational databases such as RSRD² could fulfill the sector’s needs for operational data and how such databases could interact with the registers” (as mentioned in DV61EN01 – Recommendation 5, presented and discussed at RISC63).

05/07/2013 UIP Position Paper on NOISE REDUCTION

UIP invites you to view its position on noise reduction in rail freight transport.

28/06/2013 UIP Symposium on Noise

On June 26 in Brussels UIP held a symposium on Noise Reduction in Rail transport, which brought together representatives from the European Commission DGMOVE, the ERA, CER, UNIFE, ESC, CLECAT and Wagon Keepers.

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05/06/2013 Press release: 4th Railway Package - rail sector needs Technical Pillar
The sector wishes to confirm its strong support for the Technical Pillar of the 4th Railway Package and stresses the importance and urgency for reaching an agreement between the European Council and the European Parliament 
24/05/2013 ECM certification: deadline 1st of June 2013
Under the auspices of GCU Joint Committee representatives, new "Guidelines for the Keeper's ECM Declaration" have been developed. You can find enclosed the final version of these guidelines. 
07/05/2013 UIP Annual Report 2012

2012: empowering UIP's structure and individuals to respond to the new challenges in the rail industry.

The Annual Report describes the activities of UIP and contains information on the work of the Topical Committees during the previous year.

25/04/2013 Press release: UIP welcomes DG MOVE initiative on noise

Impact assessment on effective reduction of noise generated by rail freight wagons in the EU

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